We are working on developing a clean, simple, and timely solutions through a diverse set of product offerings that include web, and mobile based applications. The Yagle Play Store revolves around offering apps for various platforms on a proactive basis, while also declutter the digital trail at an individual, group and company levels.

Based on our personal experiences (details of these experiences will be provided soon through a research article), we have decided to offer our apps through our platform as well, and the Yagle Play Store is an effort on that front.

Considering the pricing of these apps, we have a no return policy, but we take all kinds of efforts to offer relevant products for use.

We also utilis(z)e thrid-party APIs for some of our products, which limit us from controlling ads on our products, and data analytics performed by the third-party tools put forth in place. At the same time, we give assurance that we avoid taking or distributing any of the personally identifiable information from any of our product users. We also try to offer an ad-free whenever possible giving the buyer the choice to pick and choose the product. We will also clearly outline the use of third-party APIs, if there were to be any in our products. Any app with third-party API will include detailed disclaimer to go with the app.