YesWeCanCalendar2019  Without Ads

YesWeCanCalendar2019 Without Ads

YesWeCanCalendar2019 Without Ads

4.0 and up


Product Description


Were there times when you thought of creating a Monthly Calendar for your own family?


If you already had done one in the past, you might have spent a lot of money.

Now for a nominal price with not much time required, you can create a monthly calendar of your own, which can be easily distributed as an image file by email or through other apps of your choice.

Default background includes a beautiful sunlight setting, which can be used as it is for creating the calendar.

  • Our goal is to minimize paper use while cutting down on Greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.
  • This product might help on that front as this product aligns with an industry that generates officially anywhere between $500MM to $1Billion worth of sales around the globe (Unofficially, could be significantly a lot more due to the nature of the industry).
  • This sized industry generates significant demand for paper and process related energy demand while adding to the GHG emissions.

What other advantages?
This app will give you the opportunity to make customizable calendars throughout the year. Most of the stores move onto the next product and calendars become unavailable in the shelves. But, you might go on a trip or there is an important celebration during the course of the year and would like to make a customizable calendar out of it. This app can do that for you. We are also working on developing other related products for these reasons cited.

You would also be able to utilize this shelf space for some other useful product.


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